Monday, 28 February 2011

Second day on the TOT

Today's lessons on the TOT of the E-mediat program was a great deal knowledgeable in terms of having broad information about social media. For instance, we learnt that there should be a certain degree of transparency when using the social media where some information should be private and the rest to network. An example of this, is the financial information of the organisation. In addition, I learnt how organisations can use some tools for listening purposes which can be done by specifying certain key words in an online tool such as 'Google Alerts', to get any online post related to that key words. In our case, some of the key words can be " social media, social media tools, social culture, media tools in Yemen,....etc". Another great advantage was acquired is knowing about other assessment and listening tools that can be used to track all information or posts about certain key words on the social networks. For example, can be used to show all posts about a key word in all social networks, so if we search the key word "emediat", we would get all posts about E-mediat from different social networks such as Facebook, and Twitter as the image shows ->


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