Sunday, 27 February 2011

Networking exercise -ToT

The Networking group exercise was the highlight of today ToT, it sparked discussion and encouraged participants to share ideas and pinpoints differences among each country. For me, and I am here talking from the perspective of a trainer, when I was doing this exercise I was thinking constantly how I can adapt it to the context of organizations and networks in Yemen. How can I simplify it and make it more accessible to them, at the same time use it to expand their thinking about their immediate networks as well as to see the bigger picture. For instance, can we divide the network mapping according to topics e.g. a network that have a pool of volunteer, an organization that can provide a free training room or On the other hand, the exercise helped me to identify in my mind, the organizations, participants, groups, online and classical media  outlets that can be brought on board to be an active network for the e-mediat program in Yemen.
The drawn network seen in this photo, which was done during the training, doesn’t cover the whole context of the e-mediat program in Yemen, however it helped the group start thinking who can be a good partner/supporter for the program, it initiated a significant  discussion among the country team on how to involve parties that would promote and create a buzz about the program.


I love the way your training works - and how you are thinking how to adapt it for the NGOS. Thank you for sharing your reflections. This is a great use for a blog!

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