Monday, 28 February 2011

Second day in training TOT

Second day in training TOT
We take so many informations , like :-
1-      Translation for websites names  in to arabic like you tube , facebok and twitter.
2-      Difination of  non profit network
3-      Choose one of of NGOs that is network in yemen , so we chose YLDF  as non network a networked NGO.
4-      Non profit network is ngos has relations with other ngos or anything else has facebook and youtube and how they use them to talk about their activites
5-      many information . I realize the importance of listening .for example from google alert . rules of privacy .and that NGOs should have some limits in sharing informations with other people .for example , NGOs  in yemen can share its activities , to invitie people to share its activities , beside that call people  volunteer  to join their NGO. there are some key words we can use to grab some information in alert . like " social media . social network ,social network in yemen, social meedia online learning ," and so many keywords . you can use in searching for informations in socail media . we have too websites  like social mention and rowfeeder that can give more information in social media field for the new posts in facebook and twitter


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