Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Second Week of E-mediat Wokshop - Yemen

First day on second week started with some energizers and reflection exercises to recall what was taught on the previous week, then an introduction about linking ideas to the strategy was given followed by quite time to list down those ideas and think about them properly to suit their strategies. Participants also practiced on blogging and writing some posts.

 In this day, an introduction about using Facebook strategically was given too and the trainer created a Facebook Group for all participants to share their questions that they think of while they are home, this group was used by the trainer also to share some useful resources for each lecture.
Day 2 in second week was all about Facebook pages and using them strategically to serve NGOs’ targets and goals. All participants created Facebbok pages for their NGOs and got to know how to work with Facebook applications and creating tabs besides started to work on their content strategy.

Participants finalized their content strategy on day 3 and some good practices from local NGOs were presented. After that, Twitter was introduced with all its usage practices and concepts. Each participant creates a Twitter account for his/her NGO and started twitting and following each other and other NGOs of their choices. However almost all participants did not have any idea about using Twitter, then went out of the session with great ability in using it besides they were glad for this new experience.
Day 4, was a completion session for using Twitter strategically for NGOs. Moreover, a new activity of conducting content strategy was held and finalized by general review for blogging, Facebook, Twitter, and other tools presented in previous sessions. This was done by some activities and group works.
Introducing story telling through videos was in Day 5. Many videos of local NGOs uses of videos were viewed and participants showed good ability in creating videos using some professional programs such as Sony Vegas, Adobe Premier, and Windows Video Maker besides quite ability of using After Effect for two of them. They were divided into small groups and each group created its own scenario and started recording videos. Then weekend is a chance for them to show some skills in editing those videos and adding some effects to them that are going to be shown and shared on the third week.


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