Saturday, 2 April 2011

Presentation Skills

Presentation is the way of delivering ideas and information to audience. It requires certain skills in conducting presentations to enable audience to understand easily and by so, to achieve the objective of the training. Any trainer should consider the following in conducting presentations:
  •             Content:  the content of the presentation should be clear and easy to understand. It should show outlines on what trainer explains. Besides that, content considers as very important factor to help trainer to deliver ideas clearly. In this case, graphical materials added to content could enhance the ability of audience to understand faster.
  •       Sequence: the presentation should flow on sequence, starting by an introduction, following by body, and summarizing by conclusion. The sequence should be clear and that it does not confuse audience. It also should allow listeners to figure out what would come next.
  •       Clarifying points with true stories from reality because it helps a lot to understand subjects easily.
  •            Presentation objective: there should be clear objectives for the presentation. Therefore, trainer has to present while making sure of achieving the target. All the content, sequence, techniques, and skills have to work together to achieve the common objectives.

The presentation should be conducted in order, which means trainer has to be careful in arranging the content of the session. The session must start by introduction that highlights the subject of the session and its objectives, introducing the trainer and all audience, schedule of the session and the rules that should be followed during the session, and the duration of presentation. The trainer has to start with good introduction for effective results of the session. This introduction can involve some of training activities that would make audience enjoy it. After that, body of the presentation is the most crucial part where ideas delivery exists. In this part, trainer has to present clearly and explain each part with making sure that audience are receiving. This part includes also translation of terminologies used in the session as well as the usage of simplified language that can be understood by all types of listeners. The presentation has to end up by conclusion that summarizes all points mentioned in the session. Moreover, trainer has to open a Q&S (Question and Answer) session in this part to allow participants to ask if they have any inquiry. Trainer may end this session by telling audience the way to contact him/her such as E-mail, and Phone No.


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